TDA’s solutions typically extend the useful life of aircraft by 10-25% through their extensive engineering expertise and unique ability to solve non-trivial, difficult problems.

As such, TDA has been instrumental in ensuring airworthiness while maximizing fleet readiness, thereby saving taxpayers countless dollars while continuing to protect the warfighters that safeguard our freedom.

What can TDA do for you?

Engineering Software Solutions
– Aircraft structural design
– Finite element analysis
– Loads, stress analysis
– Fatigue spectra generation
– Fatigue analysis
– Fracture mechanics
– Flight test analysis/support
– Flight data recorders
– Aircraft usage & criteria
– Java, C/C++
– Legacy code support
– Web design
– Web hosting
– Database systems
– Design frameworks
– Data quality control
– Program management
– Contracts management
– Technical assessments
– Aircraft test support
– Design criteria & specs
– Data analysis
– Engineering courses